Artists copy, geniuses steal

In the break of the last course of initiation to the tattoo of November diverse opinions were exposed on copying designs of tattoos and creating from scratch an original tattoo design. The rest is over and with the opinions, and as it is an interesting topic I have decided to take it back from here.

So whoever wants to comment can do so in the comments.

We all know that the world of tattooing is changing and much, before the tattoos were taken out of the tattoo flash magazines but gradually it is taking to a more artistic and more personal terrain, but as in any field of art, resources are depleted and It’s what we’re going to talk about, it’s just an opinion, as is!

Art does not come out of nowhere

I already said it picaso and hence the title “great artists copy, geniuses steal. We are going to get in the case that you have an idea to start developing your style as a tattoo artist, something you like, for which you are fit and therefore you will feel comfortable tattooing.

You discuss it with your colleagues, family and you get to work, to create and then to tattoo. Shit! Nothing comes out! You need a speech, an anecdote even if and get that voice of your own, especially!

It is in the head but you are not able to vomit it! Maybe you are holding it back yourself, well, I don’t know, it’s not as original. repression here and there!

Your idea is dead, my deepest condolences

Ask yourself if originality is so important, because I already tell you that nobody would do anything like that.
There is nothing new under the sun, I love this phrase «nihil novum sub sole» it sounds to me that it is written in Latin.
There are many famous phrases that talk about this throughout history, one that I like very much says something like «Everything is already said, but as nobody listens you have to repeat it» I am sorry not to put the authors but it would be too much, I do not think that The phrase is exactly like that.

For the record, I am not making an apology for vulgar imitations with the objective of immediate profit, we have to mix, recycle, tune, characters or arguments, drawings or styles. Digest everything and start working, from there it will come out with our personal touch.

Shakespeare takes characters from legends, structures and techniques of the Elizabethan theater and arguments
from other authors injects passion, language and elaborate psychological profile and the world applauds.


Turn normal pieces into unique pieces.

Turn normal pieces into unique pieces.
It does not matter that in this case it is a novel, a painting or a movie, we are rarely surprised by the subject, I encourage you
to comment on pieces of any type of art in which the theme seems innovative to you.
We can start from the premise, the originality is an undetected plagiarism, only to annoy the purists;)

Authors who stole to carry out their works and are at the top

Orson wells in citizen kane took the depth of field of toland, the dramatic flashback, the dramatic ellipsis, the sequence of scenes and surely he coincidentally encountered the counter chopped, that was his contribution, alone, the counter chopped It would have gone down in history but gone through the wells blender, look where it is! Hahaha!

Leonardo acquired verrochio’s love of detail, the study of the light of ghiberti and the perspective of Della Franchesca … blender
and the gioconda and the last supper.
I adore Leonardo, he is the paradigm of the Renaissance, skilled in all areas of human knowledge, also Picasso, Orson Wells and shakesperae (recorded in the minutes) Picasso took the African art, the medieval sculpture, the geometrization of Cezanne and the fauve colorism stirred the blender and shitted the ladies of Avignon.

Many geniuses have something in common, they are almost pure demiurges, study hard, work hard, shake and give their personal touch.

I want to make it VERY clear that I am not a Historian, that this is only my opinion and that I do not question that creating from stolen pieces requires great genius. I also don’t want to be restrained by the lack of originality to start working or be afraid to express my self.