If your reference is a chopped, it will be difficult for me to know Serrano ham.

What a sentence to start right?
It is quite evident but on many occasions we forget, if the photograph or drawing that we are going to tattoo, re-design, has no quality: richness of values, good color contrasts, etc … the tattoo will not have quality, to except that you are a great teacher of clear drawing, which I don’t think is the case at hand.

To impress in each job you have to choose our references carefully, even in artificial skin, banana, lemon or whatever the support on which you are going to perform the tattoo. Each practice can be used to fatten your portfolio and your procedure backpack.

Think that the time you spend doing the tattoo will be 25% of the total time you need to look for it, make the decal, prepare the table. Take it like this and everyone you do will be worth more than 4 of those you do in a hurry and running.

On the other hand, when it comes to showing your work on social networks to friends or wherever, it shows only the best jobs, not all, even if productivity in other jobs is highly valued, accuracy is valued more in the tattoo.

It is very difficult to make a tattoo without failures

You have to learn to hide the mistakes, but if you see that the whole tattoo is a fault, do not teach it and learn more. It is also not that you teach anything because none was perfect, it is more than make a selection of your work, and be clear how far you can go

It is possible to overcome in the copy to the original design in a well-worked piece, with which we will impress the public that in the end it is what you have to get, with the amount of tattooists that you can limit yourself to your friends, tattoo for free or try to impress, that the one who sees it feels the need to go from his friend who tattooes or his usual tattooist and wants you to be the one to mark him, and that is difficult with a bad reference.

I am creating a small library of references that I consider well designed or with the richness of which I speak here. A live library in which I will be adding good tattoo designs, more so that you get an idea of ​​what I consider good references, than to avoid this search work that will always give you something.

Here I leave some designs that I use in the tattoo courses, They are special, they are well made, the photo is good and they allow me to explain everything necessary to start tattooing with shadow line and color mixtures. While the library is ready, these are fine to start.